Topic 2 DQ 2

Re:Topic 2 DQ 2
The way in which I am understanding the difference between being begotten versus being made is the distinction between a mother and father who love each other having a child together that is begotten to them versus a mother being a surrogate to another family who has made their child. I may not be understanding the distinction correctly, but that is what I have gotten out of it and I do in a sense agree to his description but then I don’t because regardless of where or how the child was conceived and developed each set of parents will love that child regardless. They will not segregate the child because it was not created between the mother and father and carried by that mother. The distinction between procreation and reproduction appear to be the same as well as being the difference between parents creating a child out of passion and parents creating a child out of a petri dish. The thing that he points out with this is that the lines of procreation and reproduction become blurred when it becomes a matter of selecting gametes to use in creation as it blurs the lines of kinship and children are now a product of a person’s will rather than of a couples’ passion with one another (Meilaender 2005). This is a discussion that I can agree with because people begin to interrupt God’s will for their lives when they begin creating babies in petri dishes and some take it steps further to attempt to choose gender and hair and eye color and that is where people begin to ‘play God’ in a sense rather than procreating naturally.

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