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SQL Homework Help

SQL Homework Help Computer programming is a completely distinct field from other traditional academic courses. It necessitates in-depth technical knowledge and the practical application of conceptual conceptions. Unfortunately, SQL is the most difficult and time-consuming of the several programming languages available (Structured Query Language). Students are most familiar with the theoretical form of programming languages, Read More

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SQL Homework Help

SQL Homework Help

Computer programming is a completely distinct field from other traditional academic courses. It necessitates in-depth technical knowledge and the practical application of conceptual conceptions. Unfortunately, SQL is the most difficult and time-consuming of the several programming languages available (Structured Query Language). Students are most familiar with the theoretical form of programming languages, but they struggle to understand the implementations and frequently seek homework assistance.

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SQL Homework Help

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Solution Of SQL And Sample Question


1.Use tools and techniques such as ER diagrams, relation models, and normalization to design a relational database for a given scenario.

2.Explain relational algebra and how it relates to SQL (Structured Query Language).

3. Using a database management system, design and install a relational database.



The following are the assumptions that were made during the development of ERD:

The payee should make the payment between the project’s start and conclusion dates.

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