Topic 1 DQ 2

Re:Topic 1 DQ 2
A geopolitical community is defined by Maurer & Smith (2013, pg 396) as “a spatial
designation, a geographical or geopolitical area or place. It can either be formed by manmade boundaries such as a street, bridges, highway, or by natural boundaries like mountains.
I live in Philadelphia, PA and my boundaries are set by the Bensalem area. Phenomenological community is where I liv. I live in a middle class working neighborhood with stores and twin houses. The families have children ranging from newborns to teenagers. Neighbors are to themselves, quiet suburban area.. My neighborhood is a bit diverse with plenty whites, Asians, Indians, blacks and hispanics. A phenomenological community exists because the people in it have a common interest. All of us live in a geopolitical community and many of us are part of a phenomenological community (Maurer & Smith, 2013). For instance, my job is where I work, I have friends as well as coworkers there and we all have one common goal, to take care of our patients.
Challenges for nurses may arise when dealing with a community that has a high crime rate, cultural differences, language barrier and other issues as opposed to another community. The nurse need to gather data and use theory such as community as Partner model and energy model. Which is used to conduct community assessment. Both views see the community as a network (Maurer & Smith 2013). If the nurse utilize these models, it will address certain issues and concerns in the community. Looking
at the community with these models are able to determine where the needs are. It’s important to understand customs, beliefs and use community strength when planning an intervention for community.

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