The world has experienced both natural and man made disasters of unexpected magnitudes in the recent years

The world has experienced both natural and man made disasters of unexpected magnitudes in the recent years. According to spiritual discoveries, the main contributor of the rise in natural and man made disasters involves a continuous process that takes place in the universe (Rawson, 2016). Some of the natural disasters include earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions while global warming is caused by destructive human activities. Humans’ poor behavior in nature has increased the destructive phase of a continuous process that happens in nature. What is the reason behind humans’ poor behavior? It is as a result of the lack of spiritual awareness and difficulty in preventing the influence of harmful energies.
Therefore, the following comment has two main tasks; first it explains the spiritual issues surrounding either a natural or manmade disaster that can arise for individuals, communities, and health care providers. Lastly, it illustrates how a Community Health Nurse may assist in the spiritual care of the individual, community, self, and colleagues.
In line with (Rawson, 2016), spiritual practice seems to be the only avenue to change people’s spiritually spoilt minds into well reasoning ones. In a spiritual survey that involved a holistic approach of spiritual, physical and psychological dimensions, the contribution of human race on nature at a spiritual dimension was found to be twenty five percent. The spiritual research established that continuous changes results in about thirty percent of the main cause of natural disasters such as earthquakes in the universe.
Therefore, spiritual issues here include eternal and universal spiritual laws. They explain the continuous alterations that results in both natural and man-made disasters.
People show different reactions to both natural and man-made disasters even the spiritual lives and some could get overwhelmed by its destructive effects.The destruction of prayer places and abandoning of burial practices also constitute some of the spiritual issues that can cause disasters (Weber & Pargament, 2014). They are forms of crises of faith and disruption of spiritual practices that have potential cause to the natural disaster. Therefore, it is important that people do not abandon their spiritual practices.
As pointed out in the spiritual issues that surround the occurrence of natural and man-made disasters, an individual and a community in general should be reminded to observe their spiritual practices faithfully. It means that a Community Health Nurse can assist in the spiritual care of the individual, community, self, and colleagues by ensuring that religious leadership from any of the affected community is assisted (Weber & Pargament, 2014). It should be supported in upholding the community’s beliefs and practices. If in any case the local leadership proves challenging then there is a need for spiritual care to be offered by a Community Health Nurse.
Finally, the Community Health Nurse in undertaking the task would have respect towards the individual, community and other colleagues . It will lovingly take care of everyone and it is important in inspiring and encouraging the people. The effect of human race on nature that takes place at the spiritual level has over the time not been taken to account (Rawson, 2016). Therefore, the effects of both natural and man-made disasters are inevitable if each person the whole community does not faithfully observe spiritual issues.
Rawson, E. (2016). ‘Te Waioratanga’: Health Promotion Practice-The Importance of Māori Cultural Values to Wellbeing in a Disaster Context and Beyond. Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies, 20, 81-87.
Weber, S. R., & Pargament, K. I. (2014). The role of religion and spirituality in mental health. Current opinion in psychiatry, 27(5), 358-363.

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