The symptom of trauma, sleep problem, social skill

Develop a compensation and benefits package that you would like to be offered from your organization
1. Describe your observations and impressions of the client. (Where appropriate, complete a Mini-Mental Health Status Exam of your client).
2. What is your view of the problem?
3. What are the common themes you noticed based on your theory (e.g., types of self-talk, behaviors, emotional states/qualities)?
4. What are the client’s barriers to growth and utilizing coping skills and effective life-strategies?
5. What are the strengths/assets (protective factors/signs of resilience)?
6. What is the etiology of the client’s present psychological capacity or incapacity?
7. What is your client trying to accomplish by various behaviors?
Client demonstrated the symptom of trauma, sleep problem, social skill, mood management, communication skills, and expression of feelings and needs
History of Presenting Problem: Recently and because of Black Life Matters. Depressed the way American people are treating black people like her.
Changes desired: Leave a good life and equal right
Comment on family circumstances: Not in good terms with mother. Feeling that the mother should defend her during childhood sexual abuse.
Have experienced in the past six months
· Decreased appetite
· Trouble concentrating
· Difficulty sleeping
· Low motivation
· Isolation from others
· Fatigue/low energy
· Low self-esteem
· Depressed mood
· Tearful or crying spells
· Anxiety
· Fear
· Hopelessness” 229
Prepare the report that Vicky Roberts requested, assuming the project will begin immediately. Assume 45 working days are available to complete the project, including transporting the car to Detroit before the auto show begins.
Discuss, briefly, the aspects of the proposed new business, such as the competitive priorities that Roberts asked about.
Create a table containing the project activities used in the letter assigned to each activity, the time estimates, and the precedence relationships from which you will assemble the network diagram.
Draw a network diagram of the project similar to Figure 7.3.
Determine the activities on the critical path and the estimated slack for each activity.

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