The methods of data deletion and recovery available in today’s market.

Can files be permanently deleted or is there a way that files can be recovered? Discuss the methods of data deletion and recovery available in today’s market.
How secure are challenge questions for websites? Are they truly a method to secure website data or merely a way that hackers can use social engineering to find ways into websites and accounts that do not belong to them?
How can cybersecurity professionals prevent hacks? Is the best methodology an offensive or defensive strategy?
What is the true meaning of the term “cybersecurity awareness” and what does it mean to the standard individual? How can you increase cybersecurity knowledge base among non-cybersecurity individuals? Is such an endeavor even important?
What are security approaches to networking and infrastructure? How do they differ from securing operating systems?
Evaluate methods of multifactor authentication in use in today’s businesses. Perform a risk assessment for each method of authentication using the CIA triad as a baseline. Discuss how the use of multifactor authentication mediums increase or decrease the overall level of security to systems.

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