Teenagers be allowed to stop cancer treatment

. Using the ethical dilemma: Should a teenager be allowed to stop cancer treatment even if it may result in a bad outcome ?
The paper must clearly describes statistical significance to pediatric nursing grounded in
scholarly literature. Collates utilized references and summarizes key points.
A. Description of the dilemma
• Performs preliminary research on the ethical dilemma and describes the dilemma. Clearly identifies both positions grounded in scholarly literature.
B. Ethical Principles and ANA Code of Ethics Provisions (2)
• Determines the ethical principles that apply to each position, possible conflicts in principles, and components of the ANA Code of Ethics that apply using three (3) Provisions. Supports ideas with scholarly literature.
C. Resources to resolve the dilemma
• Describes resources to resolve the dilemma and describes how each resource could help to resolve the dilemma. Supports ideas with scholarly literature.
D. Possible outcomes and plan for resolving the issue
• Discusses possible outcomes of both positions. Presents a plan for resolving the issue (for patient, family and the nurse). Supports ideas with scholarly literature.

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