Stevenson & Jarillo 1990

Select an enterprising business that you are able to research; use the
entrepreneurial management model (Entrepreneurship from opportunity to action, Rae, Palgrave Macmillan, 2007 page 173 – 177) (attached file)to analyse aspects of both the ‘entrepreneurial working’ and ‘managerial working’ of the company. Explain the importance of each in creating value for the organisation.
Read the following sources:
Stevenson & Jarillo 1990
• Lowe & Marriott 2006
• Huang & Wang 2011
• Stevenson 2013
• Leimsider & Dorsey 2013
• Bessant & Tidd 2015
• Kuratko 2018
Kuratko D, Morris M, (2018) Corporate Entrepreneurship: A Critical
Challenge for Educators and Researchers, Entrepreneurship and Pedagogy,

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