Project Healthcare Org\M

HCA 340
Each student is required to prepare a one (1) Pager on the Preventive Services Covered under the Affordable Care Act.
Please review the websites I have posted with this assignment. The first document is entitled “Focus on Health Reform” written by the Henry Kaiser Family Foundation. The second website is the site on Preventive Services Covered under the Affordable Care Act. You may use other sources to prepare your 1 Pager.
After reviewing information on both sites, please choose one (1) Covered Service under each of the three (3) groups: Services for Adults; Services for Woman, Including Pregnant Women and Services for Children.
In your 1 Pager please provide:
-The Three Covered Services you chose
-Why each one is of interest to you?
-Name one (1) basic fact about each covered service you chose and one (1) way you can Take Action.
-Do you think most people will be take advantage of these preventive services? Why, or why not?
-Based on all the information you are able to recover and your review, what are the three (3) overall conclusions you have drawn about the Preventive Services Covered under the Affordable Care Act?

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