Professor and class,

Professor and class,
In the modern age of technology, people forget that presentations are an old form of communication. A great presentations have one key element in common it tell a story. A good presentation engages the audience, assists in comprehension, and increases remembering. Laying the groundwork a great presentation is key. One needs to think about several keys such as presentation aim, audience, time and skills. “Laying the ground work is vital to giving a good oral presentation. Build both content and the visual aspects of your presentation to keep your audience engaged” (Tjio, E., Prowse, S., & Strachan, D. 2013).
jio, E., Prowse, S., & Strachan, D. (2013). Giving a good oral presentation. British Journal Of Hospital Medicine (London, England: 2005), 74(3), C34-C36.

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