Changing roles can sure be frightening, especially when you don’t feel prepared. Taking care of your own family is difficult enough. Imagine taking care of your family, balancing a career, and now becoming your mothers care giver, this seems to be stressful. This new role will effect all family members involved.
Nurses can help aide individuals transitions by allowing them to talk about their concerns and fears. The nurses can incorporate the use of structural and developmental theory. This will help nurses obtain a better understanding of patient roles, copying mechanisms, and needs. The nurse can identify and create plans needed to assist these individuals during this new change. Nurses can make individuals more aware of possible risks and help incorporate resources that may be useful. According to Mayo Clinic staff (2016) being a care giver can cause emotional and physical stress. Therefore members should be made aware of and given helpful resources such as community services for the elderly.
Although change in roles can be difficult and stressful, there are positive ways to deal with these changes. Individuals need to be aware of all resources available. They need to remember to make time for themselves as well as every family member. Taking care of oneself will allow for proper care of others.
Mayo clinic staff. (2016). Caregiver Stress: Tips For Taking Care of Yourself. Retrieved from http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/stress-management/in-depth/caregiver-stress/art-20044784.
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