Poor access to clean and potable water is a very significant issue today because of the health issues and concerns that come with poor access to clean water

Poor access to clean and potable water is a very significant issue today because of the health issues and concerns that come with poor access to clean water. According to information from the world health organization(WHO), most of the developing countries are struggling to cope with the chronic water shortages in their countries. Access to clean water is essential in ensuring high levels of hygiene and proper sanitation. The fact that unclean water causes very many chronic diseases such as cholera which eventually leads to death makes it extremely important to focus on improving access to clean and portable to all human beings.
Water crisis is a problem that not only affects specific regions or groups of people but also it affects everyone globally. The water shortage issue has mostly been thought to be an issue only for the less developed countries. information from the World Health Organization reveals that over one billion people do not have access to clean water and sanitation globally. It is against this background that global clean water security and sanitation has risen on the international agenda. The fact that access to clean water and sanitation is a top priority in the Millennium development goals proves its one of the biggest challenges facing human in the 21st century. A study conducted by (WHO) in collaboration with UNICEF reveals that more than 1.8 million people globally drink water which is contaminated by human waste. This is a clear indication that water crisis is a global issue.
The water crisis being experienced in Flint can be compared with the water crisis being experienced in other parts of the world in that the water is highly contaminated and it poses danger to human health and life
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Merrit Kennedy. (2016). Lead-Laced Water In Flint: A Step-By-Step Look At The Makings Of A Crisis. Retrieved from http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-
Response to post 1
The student discusses the importance of clean and safe drinking water to all human beings in all parts of the world. The post clearly highlights the increased significance of access to clean and portable water. A report by the WHO indicates that more than 58% of deaths in the world can be attributed to use of contaminated water and poor hygiene which contracts diseases such as Cholera. Post 1 also evaluates the reasons why water crisis is affecting many people globally. The student has perfectly articulated all the issues as required of them. The comparison of water crisis in a Flint and other parts of the world is also impressive. The post is perfect and has discussed all the relevant issues properly. I strongly recommend this post.
International Telecommunication Union (ITU). (2015). The World in 2015 ICT Facts and Figures.
Response to post 2
This post has explained clearly and precisely the reasons why poor access to clean and portable water has increased in significance. The post is backed up with well researched information which is cited appropriately. The post has elaborated why water crisis is being viewed as a global issues and not a local or national issue. The post has used statistics to back up the answers that are provided for each and every question. The water crisis in Flint has also been compared and contrasted to the water crisis in other parts of the world. The work is well formatted and edited. I therefore highly recommend the post since it has properly answered all the questions and is well researched.
World Health Organization and UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP). (2015) Progress on Drinking Water and Sanitation, 2015 Update and MDG Assessment

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