Police corruption

What are the five ‘types’ of corruption  List each and give an example.
Identify the six different theories of police corruption. Which theory do you believe best explains why police corruption occurs?
Having read the first chapter of the text discuss the question of ‘why do we have police’?
discuss the ‘advantages and disadvantages of civilianization’. Do you agree or disagree with the use of civilianization by law enforcement agencies?
Discuss….’If you were a police chief, how would you organize your department’? Think about things like ‘specialized units’ and ‘rules’ (few or many).
Discuss the following question: “”There is a lot of emphases today on de-escalation.
Describe situations where it is not appropriate and situations where it is the most appropriate. Out there on the street, how is an officer to determine which situations are appropriate and which ones are not?””

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