Nursing standards of practice is a process through which basic nursing care is to be provided and codes to be adhered to by staff and practitioners in healthcare

Nursing standards of practice is a process through which basic nursing care is to be provided and codes to be adhered to by staff and practitioners in healthcare. The American Nurses Association entrusts responsibilities to its members as the primary link in the development of resources for official use (Swansburg and Swansburg 87). The process of the formulation of the nursing standards will be done using the Scope of Practice Tree used in the department of health. The tree asks important questions that guide the process. Some of these questions include; are the acts to be done allowed by the practice act of nurses or restricted? Are the acts in line with the set standards? Do the staffs possess updated skills to perform the acts? Is the staff ready to bear the consequences of such actions?
Once the process furnishes adequate answers to these questions through the various entities involved in the formation of the standards of practice, then it is safe to proceed and establish the standards for a particular facility. However, these standards have to adhere to the state and national regulations (Schroeder 594). Among the main entities that might be involved in the process include; Assessment of the practice standards, Analysis of the standards to determine their compliance with the state and national regulations, expected outcome identification, planning for the processes, implementing, and finally the evaluation of the whole process. This last part is done to perform adjustments to the process for conformity in areas that have been identified in the other steps. The standards of care are found at both national and state levels and are formulated by bodies like specialty nursing organizations, educational institutions, and several government agencies in the department of health (Buppert 199).
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