Nursing Management Area

I need this power point APA format ready for jun 27 ,as an APA format need all references at the end . Is a bachelor level and no plagiarism , please let me Know if you can do it?
minimun 20 slides without count the bibliography/referal slide
each team member need the description of his functions in the team
Due Jun 28 by 11:59pm
Points 50
Submitting a file upload
Mary is a registered nurse working on an acute care hospital. Mary meets with Jane, the nurse manager, to discuss initiatives to improve (care, satisfaction, etc) services on the unit.
Jane asks Mary to form a team to review the identified issue on the unit, and develop a plan to improve. Mary has no quality improvement experience but is willing to learn and excited about this new project. Mary has been referred to you, the director of quality improvement at the hospital to guide you with this project.
Describe your plan to achieve this goal. What advise would you give Mary to start the project, select the members of the team and develop a plan to improve? What data would you collect?
You will give a power point presentation of your plan to the class addressing at least the following:
Aim statement –
What is the objective of the project or measurable goals?
Why is this important?
Who is the target population?
Team selection
Who are the team members?
What strategies did you use to motivate staff to participate in the project?
Map or clarify current process
Identify and understand all variation sources
Select the improvement
Implement improvement

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