150 words 1 reference within 5 years, in text citations a must and must match the reference. This is a response.
Numerous factors have created significant challenges in the work environments of contemporary nurses. New advances in biomedical science, the growing need for improved disease prevention and management, integration of new clinical care technologies, cultural diversity and shifts in care delivery have all contributed to the rapidly increasing need for well-educated, experienced nurses (Holloway & Galvin, 2016). Collaboration within multidisciplinary teams fosters opportunities to address clinical problems and issues using various perspectives and expertise. Also, nurses can use research to shape health policy in patient care. Incorporating relevant research findings into clinical practice and evaluating effectiveness, helps close the gap between research and practice (Grove, Burns & Gray 2014).
Research uses investigation, exploration, and discovery to understand the philosophy of science. The use of clinically relevant research can develop, refine, and extend nursing knowledge and strengthen their skills by utilizing evidence- base practices to provide patients with the best outcomes, provide safe nursing interventions and use accurate and precise nursing assessment measures (Parahoo, 2014).
Evidence–based practices (EBP) has impacted nursing practice, education, and science. Three primary goals of the Magnet Recognition Program are supported by research, evidence-based practice and quality improvement. Evidence-based practice is guided by research findings, quality improvement, and expert opinion to identify methods of improvement (Parahoo, 2014). EBP uses the best evidence stemming from research and applies it to the clinical decision-making. EBP typically comes from systematic review, meta-analysis, or established evidence-based clinical practices. Other evidence comes from randomized controlled trials, quantitative studies, qualitative studies, and expert opinion and analyses. EBP integrates current trends, identifies assessment, diagnostic strategies and therapeutic interventions that reflect current evidence including data and research literature to the individualization of care with the inclusion of patient preferences (Grove, Burns & Gray, 2014).

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