NSG 5522 Family Nursing: Theory, Research, And Practice

Good morning, Are you able to complete the assignment below due on Thursday 01/28/2016?
NSG 5522 Family Nursing: Theory, Research, and Practice
Genogram/Ecomap Assignment
Purpose: Genograms provide a quick and useful context in which to evaluate an individual’s health risks. Eco-maps are important because, when fully completed, they serve as a tool to highlight different the relationships and human resources in the person’s life. These resources and the information about each relationship then serve as a starting point when addressing the featured person’s needs.
Course Objective: Compare and contrast a variety of theoretical frameworks to understanding dynamics within families.
Choose a family (for this assignment this can be your own family)
Refer to the Boxs and Figures in your text in developing a family genogram and eco map.
Use the symbols posted in the Figure in your text
Include birth/death dates, relationships, and health problems/risks
Complete an in depth analysis of the information gained in the genogram and eco map.
In writing up your analysis use high quality/scholarly writing skills.
Use references more than 2 references less than 5 years and peer review
Due date 01/26/2017
5-6 pages in APA format
Figures from my text book below:
Book reference:
Kaakinen, J.R., Gedaly-Duff,V. Coehlo, D.P., & Hanson, S.M.H. (2015). Family health care nursing: Theory, practice and research (5th ed.). Philadelphia: FA Davis.
COLLEGE OF NURSING NSG 5522 Family Nursing: Theory, Research, and Practice
Genogram/Ecomap Rubric
This assignment is due according to the date posted on the Assignments and Activities Schedule.
Genogram/Ecomap -Diagram with Key
Genogram contains less than 3 generations of the family;
Family birth/death dates are unclear
Relationships are unclear.
Ecomap contains <4 circles Symbols are not standardized or consistent Health risks (physical and mental) are not clearly identified Genogram contains 3 or more generations of the family; Family birth/death dates are clear Relationships are clear. Health risks (physical and mental) are identified Ecomap contains >4 circles
Symbols are standardized, consistent and accurate.
Analysis of diagram is vague and/or unsubstantiated.
Analysis is cursory
A detailed analysis of the diagram is included
Content shows depth of thought
The analysis is justifiable based on diagram.
A list of family strengths and a family goal is developed from the material.
Quality of Writing
· Spelling and Grammar
· Punctuation
· I stop reading after 6 errors are noted
· Organized with a logical flow
· Sentence and paragraph are clear
· Work presented is original
· APA style
There are 3 or more grammatical/spelling errors
Sentence and paragraph structure is difficult to read and follow.
There are more than 3 APA errors
Less than 3 spelling/grammatical errors.
Sentence and paragraph structure is clear.
Ideas are organized and coherent
There is a logical structure to the papers organization.
25 Possible Total Points
Total Points =

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