Kaitlyn Is A 4-Year-Old With A 2-Day History Of Nasal Congestion And Cough In The Early Morning. Her Mother Reports Thick, Green Nasal Discharge. She Is Afebrile, And Appetite And Sleep Are Normal. Physical Examination Reveals: Lungs Clear To Auscultation - My Coding Assignment

Kaitlyn is a 4-year-old with a 2-day history of nasal congestion and cough in the early morning. Her mother reports thick, green nasal discharge. She is afebrile, and appetite and sleep are normal. Physical examination reveals: lungs clear to auscultation, tympanic membranes pearly gray without fluid in a neutral position, no cervical adenopathy, nasal turbinates are red, and clear rhinorrhea and postnasal drip.

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