Interpersonal Communication

  1. Discuss an aspect of interpersonal communication that you notice in the film by addressing how is the aspect of interpersonal communication portrayed? Provide specific examples from the film, The Break-Up that illustrate whether or not the person demonstrated competence in performing this specific aspect of teaching.
    2. Communication theories help us understand and explain interpersonal communication phenomena we observe in the social world using an organized set of concepts, explanations, and principles. Choose one theory from interpersonal communication and how would you briefly define the major tenets/principles of this theory? Then Describe the various ways in which you notice the tenets/principles of the theory enacted by a character (be sure to name which characters you’re using as an example). Use specific examples from the dialogue to illustrate the theory in supporting your response.
    3. What are the benefits this film presents in terms of portraying interpersonal communication? What are the drawbacks this film presents in terms of portraying interpersonal communication? Support your argument by explaining what people may learn, understand, misinterpret, or fail to comprehend about interpersonal communication after viewing The Break-Up.
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