Integumentary And Musculoskeletal Systems

1. What combining form means vertebra?
2. The rule of nines involves dividing the body into _______ areas
3. An abnormal sideways curvature in the spine is called
4. In what stage is an ulcer when the skin appears red and irritated?
5. Aponeurosis is a
6. What type of gland is located in the pigmented skin around the genitals?
7. What structure has the most bones within it?
8. What combining form means ribs?
9. What surgical procedure involves partial removal of the skull?
10. Skin infections can be caused by
11. What combining form means hair?
12. The musculoskeletal system is broken down into
13. What combining form means sweat?
14. ________ makes up 50% of bones.
15. A joint movement that involves moving away from the midline is called
16. Stratum germinativum, the deepest layer of cells in the epidermis, can also be called
17. What type of disorder is myasthenia gravis?
18. Eczema is an example of what kind of skin disorder?
19. Which bone is not present in all five fingers?
20. Joints are also referred to as

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