HS140: Pharmacology

HS140: Pharmacology
Unit 10 Assignment Directions and Grading Rubric
Applying Pharmacology Principles
Unit outcome(s) addressed in this Assignment:
· Understanding the importance of patient education in regards to medication usage.
· Understanding the legal aspects of prescriptions.
· Understand prescription abbreviations and interpretations.
Course outcome(s) assessed in this Assignment:
HS140-5: Evaluate the allied health professional’s role in patient education regarding medications.
· For this assessment you get to go out into the field and interview a Medical Assistant either in-person or by phone. Perhaps you can choose the Medical Assistant from the General Physician” or Pediatric Office you and your family attend.
· Use the questions below for the interview. Please try to answer as thoroughly as possible.
Please be sure to download the file “Writing Center Resources” from Doc Sharing to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written assignments.
Submitting Your Work
Put your responses in a Microsoft® Word® document. Save it in a location and with the proper naming convention: username-CourseName-section-Unit X_Assignment.doc (username is your Kaplan username, section is your course section, X is your Unit number). Submit your Assignment to the Dropbox.
For assistance, refer to the Dropbox Guide in the Academic Tools area of the course.
Demographics Student’s Name:
Medical Assistant’s Name:
Office Phone Number:
Part 1: Interview Questions
1. Do you often deal with patient questions regarding prescription? If so, what are some questions you are asked?
2. Do you have a protocol for verbal prescriptions? Please explain.
3. Do you use handouts to educate you patients regarding medication usage? Please provide an example.
4. How do you prevent medication errors in your office?
5. When a patient receives a prescription do you educate them about the medication?
6. Who in your office educates patients about prescription medication?
7. How do you deal with non-compliance in regards to medication use?
8. What is your protocol for when a patient calls in wanting a prescription?
9. Do you use drug references in your office? If so, what type and how often?
10. Do you currently use patient reminder software to help remind patients of their appointments or prescriptions? If so what type.
Unit 10 Assignment Rubric: 50 points
Assignment Requirements
Points possible
Points earned by student
Part 1: Completed the interview by answering all questions thoroughly.
Points deducted for spelling, grammar, and/or APA errors.
Adjusted total points
Instructor Feedback:
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