There are two major forces acting against each other when it comes to government healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. On one end, you have the forces pushing to privatize the programs and to relinquish the government’s role in providing healthcare. On the other end, you have the forces wanting to expand these types of programs.
Based on your understanding of the topic, answer the following questions:
Explain the positive and negative aspects of these forces that act against each other, in case of government healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.
How do these two forces play a part in the development of healthcare policy relative to government healthcare programs?
All government programs are subject to legislative actions and administrative implementation.
Based on the stages through which each item of public policy passes, answer the following questions:
How can a government healthcare program that was first envisioned be the same program when implemented?
Why do public policy and legislative action have such a significant impact on the implementation of government healthcare programs?
State health programs are typically funded in part by federal grants. The federal government pays a percentage of the costs and the states pay for the remaining balance.
Based on your understanding of the above statement, answer the following:
Discuss the power and discretion states have in making decisions for federally funded health programs.
Using the PPACA as an example, what role will states play in implementing the policy?
Describe the level of financial support expected from the federal government.
Prepare a report in a Microsoft word document, in response to these questions. Support your responses with examples.

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