Primary Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Student’s Name
Topic: Primary Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Rationale behind choosing the topic: A focus on epidemiological statistics
Sexually transmitted disease is common infection amongst people of ages between 15 years to 50 years. Sadly, it is also common infants born from a mother who is also infected. Most of the people affected are the young adults in the ages of 15 years to 24 years who consists of 25% of the total population. Additionally, the youths are sexually active and according to the latest statistics 50% of infected people are youths. It is important to control the disease since it is highly continuous. Furthermore, STDs increases the high incidences of acute infections that have a socioeconomic impact in the transmission of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Recent reports suggest that, there are 80% of reported cases of STDs reflecting on limited screening of these infection in the company. Despite high campaigns on safe sex, STDs still continues to be menace especially amongst youths who does not use contraceprectives like condoms. According to recent report about 60% of new HIV infection reported in the country are young people. Therefore, it is important to control the disease especially amongst the young generation who are the future of the country. The prevention of the disease can be done through education, identification of asymptomatic and symptomatic people as well as effective treatment and early diagnosis of the patient.
Nursing Diagnosis: Risk factors for infection R/T
· Injection of drugs
· Lack or insufficient of information
· Abusing alcohol drugs
· Unprotected sex
Readiness for learning
It is the seeking of indication that the audience are showing eagerness to learn. It would ensure that the eagerness is both experiential and emotional for the studies. They would include:
· Presentation of unity to the class when discussing sensitive topic.
· Engagement of learners by giving them information about symptoms of STDs and any mode of prevention.
· Allowance of the time for learners to discuss and present issues related to the topic.
Theory to be applied: Explanation of the theory’s applications
It is important to give hand-outs and pamphlets to the learners that gives detailed discussions on the STDs. these resources should also explain measures taken to prevention the disease.
Goal/objectives: Reduction of STDs infection by taking necessary and appropriate preventive measures
By using the objectives that is supported by CDC’s DASH (Division of Adolescent and School Health), it would give the basis of the class on the prevention of STD and HIV infection. It would support the classes using content for the class. The goal of the program would be to make teen healthy and become healthy adults by focusing on the promotions of health knowledge and skills. The education would focus on the healthy behaviours and control of STDs that cannot be found on clinical interventions. Therefore, the resources provided would focus on the objectives of the class.
Creativity: Application of creativity or creative idea in the teaching methods
Creativity would be applied when making pamphlets and hand-outs with visual aid that displays preventive methods of STDs and HIV infection. Other creative ideas of teaching methods would include use of PowerPoint and video for teach.
Content of the class
· Prevention of STDs
· Each person’s personal opinion of HIV and life skills methods
· Different types of STDs and how they are transmitted.
· Connection between HIV and other STDs
· Prevention of STDs
Evaluation of Objectives:
The evaluation of the objectives would the description of the parameters that is used to measure the attainment of the objectives.
1. The teacher/instructor would conduct an evaluation on what learners have grasped by asking them primary prevention from STDs.
2. Monitoring of the student’s conservation to determine if they have understood prevention strategies of STD.
Planned Evaluation of Goal
It is a description of how and when to evaluation the effectiveness of the teaching plan. It would be a follow up meeting with the sole purpose of observing the learners and asking questions about the STDs/HIV and striving to answer these questions. Learners should focus on problem solving related to STD prevention.
It is important to identify potential barriers that could impede the learners from understanding various concepts. Sometimes it is difficult to identify unprotected sex since it leads to poor understanding. Therefore, barriers of understanding.
Communication barriers: To the learners whose view English as their second language might find it hard to understand some verbal and non-verbal cues used in the class or during the class.
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