Guidelines for the Development of the Position Paper

Guidelines for the Development of the Position Paper
Individual Assignment:
You are required to write a cogent paper describing a position on a professional issue related to health care.
Requirements of the Position Statement:
1. Each paper draft should be at least 2500 words (about 9 standard double-spaced pages, plus additional pages for title and references.
2. Use section headings as instructed, to include: Introduction, Background, Opposing Arguments, Supporting Arguments, and Conclusion.
3. Clearly state your position on an issue in a concise manner in an introductory paragraph. Identify the audience for whom the position statement will be useful.
4. Describe the background of the issue that constitutes the rationale for the topic being labeled as an issue.
Background must include contemporary, relevant data and appropriate citations. Remember this is NOT an opinion paper. Therefore the background should include:
· Terminology related to your issue
· Legitimate research done on your issue in the form of internal documentation.
· Descriptions of the impact this data has on your issue.
5. When presenting your argument, discuss both sides of the issue and clearly state the position you are supporting. Identity and include defensible documentation supporting your position (such as: standards, codes, regulations, policy, criteria, and research findings).
6. Bring the paper to a logical conclusion by summarizing the essence of the argument and then conclude by restating your thesis or position in similar words used in the introduction to your position.
7. Apply principles of good composition, including appropriate sentence structure, grammar and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of your writing. Strict APA Format standards will be applied to the grading of your paper so pay close attention to citations within the test and in the list of work cited. These standards also apply to the draft.
Highly Competent (4)
Exceeds Expectations
Competent (3)
Needs Improvement (2)
Not Competent (1)
Not Done (0)
1. Problem/Position
Thesis statement
& introduction
Clearly identified, explicit.
Adequately identified and
Problem/issue present, but ambiguous.
Problem/issue not present or unclear.
Thesis statement not present
Background sets the stage & is not part of argument.
Background does an adequate job of setting the stage.
Background has some argument points.
Background does not adequately set the stage for the current issue.
Background absent.
2. Analysis
Position or supporting thesis argument
Clearly stated with at least 3 well developed defenses.
Well stated with at least 2 developed defenses.
Vaguely stated with at least 1 limited defense.
Poorly stated with no defense.
Supporting arguments not present.
Opposing argument
Minimum of 3 alternate points of view well explored.
Thoroughly considered attention to minimum of 2 alternate views.
Some attention to at least 1 alternate view.
Obvious alternate views ignored.
Opposing arguments not present.
3. Investigation
Use of Sources materials
All sources relevant, appropriate, credible –(primary or secondary sources).
Most sources relevant, appropriate, credible–(primary or secondary sources).
Some sources are relevant, appropriate, credible –(primary or secondary sources).
Inadequate number of sources; No sources are relevant, appropriate, credible.
Reference page absent.
4. Writing Skills
Ideas flow smoothly, clearly linked to each other and organized under headings – Introduction, Background, Argument & Conclusion. Ideas well incorporated into a coherent argument or solution.
Ideas tend to flow smoothly, usually linked to each other and properly organized under headings – Introduction, Background, Argument & Conclusion. Ideas incorporated into a fairly coherent argument or solution.
Ideas are incomplete, make little sense together, not well organized under headings – Introduction, Background, Argument & Conclusion. Some ideas are used in argument or solution.
Ideas are tangent, makes no sense together. Ideas lack connection or coherence.
Required paper sections absent.
Paragraphs with clear topic sentences and multiple supporting sentences. Variety of sentence structures in active voice. Appropriate, high level word choice.
Paragraphs include topic sentences and some supporting sentences. Generally well chosen sentence style and word choice.
Paragraphs missing clear topic sentences; sparse supporting sentences. Sentence style errors; overuse of passive voice. Word choice errors; low level vocabulary.
Poorly organized paragraphs. Extensive slang, inappropriate language, and low level word choices.
No paragraph segmenta-tion.
Grammar, Mechanics, & Formatting
Use of proper grammar and mechanics throughout Proper use of APA format throughout.
Mostly used proper grammar and mechanics throughout. Adequate use of APA format throughout.
Weak use of proper grammar and mechanics throughout. Weak use of APA Format.
Improper grammar and mechanics throughout. Improper APA throughout.
Paper not in APA format.
5. Conclusion(s)
Synthesis and Conclusions
All points summarized & synthesized/Conclusions based on evidence/sound methods
Some points summarized & synthesized, Most conclusions based on evidence used with adequate methods
Summary points briefly mentioned, weak synthesis
Conclusions drawn & errors presented
No synthesis or summary Conclusions ignored; maintains preconceived views regardless of evidence
Conclusion absent
Total Points /36 /27 /18 /9
**Score used for a measure of critical thinking outcomes and Individual students must obtain a minimum critical thinking score of 21 in order to be considered competent

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