Groups of stakeholders impacted by the ACA

1. Differentiate between at least three groups of stakeholders impacted by the ACA.
2. Examine the financial impact of the ACA on each group of stakeholders.
3. Summarize benefits of the ACA on each group of stakeholders.
4. Summarize drawbacks of the ACA on each group of stakeholders.” 232 A. Transformative leadership: My approach and positionality
– Describe your own approach to transformative, participatory & effective leadership –
You must cite course material in your description
– Discuss the connection between being a transformative leader and your positionality.
Include at least 3 social identities (at least one must be one of power and privilege) –
How do these characteristics inform your decision making?
– How might your positionality influence how others (colleagues, community members
etc.) react to you as a leader?
B. Growth in leadership in AIP with Organizations & Communities
– Identify two strengths and two challenges you experienced working with your group.
– How did you address them?
– What did you learn about yourself (include a discussion of your learning edges)?
– How can use best practices from the group process to inform your leadership and
improve culturally responsive practice in the field?
Write and post a brief summary (2 paragraphs) of the peer-reviewed article. (5 points)
Include the article as an attachment. (2 points)
Reply to a minimum of two classmates. (3 points)

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