Finance In Healthcare

Based on your readings, what might be the benefits of transitioning to EHRs over a period of time? All at once? What about challenges? Are there certain types of health care organizations that might do better with an all-at-once approach, versus a gradual transition? Would you prefer to schedule and supervise such a transition over time or all at once? Why?
Let’s now explore your personal/professional interests in other technology trends besides EHRs that will impact how health care is financed at the policy and organizational level. In a separate post from the first two questions in this discussion, share an article in the Excelsior library discussing a new trend of interest to you (smartphone apps, iPads, robotics, nanotechnology, automated care, telemedicine, etc..) that influences some aspect of health care finance (revenues, expenses, billing, coding, etc..). Provide a brief synopsis in your own words, including why you chose this particular trend and what its implications are for health care finance at the organizational and patient level. You might even ask your classmates questions concerning the technology’s impacts on finance! As you respond to your classmates’ posts on their technologies, share other implications that you may see and/or experiences you may have had with that particular technology. Be sure to provide the full citation and permanent link, so your classmates and instructor can also check it out. Where appropriate, please feel free to include related websites in addition to the article.

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