Evaluation and recommendations

D. Evaluation and recommendations
You now have all of the information you need to evaluate your own personal diet and make recommendations to improve your diet. Look through your reports and take note of all instances where you are either not consuming enough of something good for you or where you are consuming too much of something bad for you.
Prepare an overall report on your diet. This report should be about 1-2 pages long, double-spaced. You must include the following points in your report for full credit:
–> Does this report reflect your typical, everyday eating habits?
–> How does your intake compare to food group recommendations, calorie recommendations, and empty calorie recommendations?
–> How does your intake compare to the recommendations for specific nutrients? In particular, make sure to mention where you are getting too much of a bad thing or too little of a good thing.
–> At least three specific recommendations to improve your diet. For each recommendation, explain exactlyhow it will help. For example, don’t just say “I could eat bananas for breakfast.” Say, “My nutrient report says I’m not consuming enough potassium. Eating a banana for breakfast every day would increase my potassium intake.” You may use your textbook or Supertracker tips to come up with these strategies. Any other reference must be cited. If there are no deficiencies or excesses in your diet, suggest ways to improve adherence to the dietary guidelines set out in chapter 2, ways to consume more nutrient dense foods, or ways to add variety to your diet.
–Specific recommendations must involve FOOD. “I should take a multivitamin” or any other recommendation that involves pills instead of food WILL NOT COUNT.

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