Discussion: Transitioning From Closed To Open Systems

The problem that I would like to use is. Is it better for the patient in the emergency room to be roomed and triaged or triaged and roomed? In the emergency room in the United States we usually triage a patient and then place them in a room that is suitable for their complaint. A trauma or critical patient gets a critical care room, a patient with abdominal pain gets a regular room, a psychiatric patient that is suicidal gets a psych room. Now, the want us to just room patients in any room that is open, and triage them there because it helps their door to MD times, and increases our patient satisfaction scores because the patients think they are being seen faster. When in fact, I feel that patients should be triaged into the proper rooms because it helps the care that they receive, and expedites the care that they need.
Also, please see attached. This will help with this discussion question and the paper due this week
Discussion: Transitioning From Closed to
Open Systems
How do effective nurse leaders and others approach problem solving and decision making in organizations? As suggested in this week’s Learning Resources, systems theory provides a valuable way to assess situations and prepare to address problems.
For this week’s Discussion, you identify an issue or process that could be improved and apply knowledge and strategies related to systems theory.
Note: You may find it helpful to view the Assignment instructions and use the same problem for this Discussion.
To prepare:
Review the information presented in this week’s Learning Resources on systems theory and the difference between open and closed systems.
Reflect on the practices and processes with which you are familiar in your organization. Identify one problematic issue or process that could be improved.
Consider the problem from a closed-system perspective. Then think about how the issue or process you selected could be addressed by viewing it from an open-system perspective. How would the transition from a closed- to an open-system view help you and others to address the problem and improve outcomes?
By Day 3
Post a description of the problem that you identified in your selected organization. Explain the problem from a closed-system perspective. Then, describe how the problem could be addressed by viewing it from an open-system perspective, and explain how this modification would help you and others improve health care outcomes.
Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

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