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Think about a relatively new and successful company or other organization that you have observed over the past two to three years. Perhaps you have seen it grow from a small organization with a strong social media presence and a dependence on virtual or internet marketing, to a larger one with a physical footprint and a growing number of employees. Maybe it started with a simple product line or service and has expanded to advertise multiple products or services in expensive media outlets or during prime time.
For such organizations that are said to have “disrupted” the market, such as creating an alternative to taxi cabs by networking individuals who are willing to drive others under a brand name, or linking home repair providers with needy consumers, there are “cost centers” that represent a substantial portion of resource allocation. The same is true for less noteworthy or nondisruptive organizations. General and administrative costs, marketing, and research and development functions represent core business activities in many organizations, yet to the average consumer, they may reside behind the scenes. After all, what good is a factory if the consumer is unware of the product, or if the competition renders it obsolete through innovation and research?
To prepare for this Discussion, review your class readings and conduct additional research in the Library. Review all three of the posted scenarios from our clients. Each scenario includes data as well as questions and concerns from the client. While you will focus your initial response posting on the scenario to which you are assigned, you will also address your colleagues’ responses to their assigned scenarios later in the week. Consider the questions and concerns posed, incorporate your thinking about social change opportunities, and generate recommendations for each of the cost centers, based on your evaluation of the data presented and your integration of the content of the readings and your research
Your instructor has assigned you 1 of the 3 scenarios. Prepare a report with proposed recommendations, making sure that you address the client’s questions, concerns, and any other salient insights or recommendations you can share after careful review and evaluation. Evaluate recommendations for positive social change as well. For the specific scenario which you were assigned, post your recommendations for these cost centers, as well as your overall recommendations:
• General and Administrative

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