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Cyber Threatscape Report: Supply Chain (2019)

Your company is a Mom & Pop establishment that has been in business for three generations.  The owners, an elderly couple have realized that in order to attract more customers, they need to have an online presence. The business produces custom-made guitars . They need someone to develop their website for them and also manage Read More

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  • Mar 30, 2021
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Your company is a Mom & Pop establishment that has been in business for three generations.  The owners, an elderly couple have realized that in order to attract more customers, they need to have an online presence. The business produces custom-made guitars . They need someone to develop their website for them and also manage it. You have been hired to do so.
1.  Should you find out what kind of volume (i.e., # of customers per month) they are expecting their website to bring in? Why?
2. Should you be concerned if they can handle such volume? Why?
3. As an IT person, should you spend time with them to find out what the entire custom guitar-making process entails? Why?
4 (a). As you work on the website, what are some IT related concerns you may have and why?
(b) What are some marketing concerns you may have and why?
5. The owners have heard the terms “”SEO”” and “”keywords””.  However, they have no idea what they mean and why they are relevant. Explain the terms and their relevance to them as simply as you can.” 232
1600081412-3755 Patient introduction “Situation: Christopher Parrish is an 18-year-old male who was admitted at 1900 today. His mother visited him at his college dormitory and was very concerned with his health; he seemed weak and had lost weight since she last saw him. She took him to see his primary care provider, and the provider admitted him and has ordered a tube feeding. I placed an 8-Fr, 42-inch feeding tube in his right nares about an hour ago, and x-ray just called and confirmed placement in the stomach. The pump is in his room. He is up to the bathroom prn; otherwise bed rest.
Background: Christopher was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a child and has had frequent hospitalizations previously. He reports fatigue and has recently lost 6 kg (13.2 lb) after he registered at the local college and moved to live in a dormitory. Chris’s mom was here earlier, but she is a single parent and has two younger boys, so she had to go home.
Assessment: Christopher is awake and alert. His heart rate and rhythm are regular at 80–85/min. Breath sounds are fine with a respiratory rate at 18/min. His color is a bit pale. Blood pressure is 118/78 mm Hg. He reports no pain and states he’s not had much appetite the past few weeks. His belly is flat and nontender. Bowel sounds are normoactive.
Recommendation: Christopher is due for vital signs and assessment. The tube feeding just arrived, and you will need to start it on the pump. He needs 720 kilocalories over 8 hours overnight. His regular diet is high calorie, high fat, but he wasn’t too hungry this evening; just had a bit of his chocolate shake. You will need to give his pancreatic enzymes orally before you start the tube feeding. You should also assess his diet and reinforce patient education on nutrition.” 227
1600084690-8091 Implications of Cyber Attacks in Logistics “Cybersecurity attacks and ransomware can take their toll on any company but those involved in logistics may see a ripple effect across multiple chain partners. Even the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has been working with major players to protect the nation’s supply chain.
Module 3: Week 1 Discussion Background Readings
Breaking News – Walmart Canada and DLT Labs™ Launch World’s Largest Full Production Blockchain Solution for Industrial Application (2019)
Going the Distance: Securing Supply Chains from Cyber Attack (2019)
Supply Chain Manager’s Confidence Declines as Cyber Threats and AI Emerge as Key Threats (2019)
Cyber Attacks Top List of Risks Impacting Supply Chain (2019)
2019 Cyber Threatscape Report: Supply Chain (2019)
The week’s background addresses cybersecurity in the supply chain. Find at least one other recent resource for support. For your post:
What precautions need to be taken to enhance supply chain cybersecurity?
Share at least two technology solutions to mitigate supply chain security.
Using the resource beyond this week’s readings, provide a real-world example of a company that is addressing cybersecurity (from a supply chain perspective). (The article should be less than two years old.)” 224
1600079800-1094 Authentication and Authorization “Add authentication (movie-login and movie-logout).
In movie-login, include salting/hashing/sanitization.
Add username to session upon successful login.
Write session check code. Include (use PHP include or require) session check to every page (except login and logout pages). This  means that when a user goes directly to any page without login, the user will be redirected to the login page.
Upon logout, destroy session and other code (see lecture). Redirect user to the movie-login page upon logout.
Add Authorization.
Add DB table for ROLE. There should be two types of roles: customer and admin. See document for role access info for each use case.
Add PHP code to perform authorization (role matching) in authorizing.php. Include (use PHP include or require) authorizing.php into all secured pages (pages that need authentication to access them).
Add unauthorized.php to direct users without authorization to.
Add one new page to show a list of all Users. Only ‘admin’ has access to this page. Both ‘admin’ and ‘customer’ have access to other Movie pages. (5 pts extra credit for those who did pages for Add/Update/Delete User data).
A mother comes in with 9-month-old girl. The infant is 68.5cm in length (25th percentile per CDC growth chart), weighs 6.75kg (5th percentile per CDC growth chart), and has a head circumference of 43cm (25th percentile per CDC growth chart).
Describe the developmental markers a nurse should assess for a 9-month-old female infant. Discuss the recommendations you would give the mother. Explain why these recommendations are based on evidence-based practice.” 231
1600079265-480 Week 13 Health care “Trace the history of cannabis use in medicine for the treatment and management of illness via nursing scholarly journal articles. Examine your sources for the following information below and describe the following:
1. Who are the stakeholders both in support of and in opposition to medicinal cannabis use?
2. What does current medical/nursing research say regarding the increasing use of medicinal cannabis?
3. What are the policy, legal and future practice implications based on the current prescribed rate of cannabis?
Attached below is an additional resource that details current state medical marijuana laws:
National Conference of State Legislatures- State Medical Marijuana Laws
1. Give five suggestions regarding disseminating your research findings? (List using bullets).
2. How would you present these suggestions as a presentation or defense?
3. Discuss the rationale and responsibilities for publication of your research.” 232

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