Criminal justice model

2.  Discuss the three leadership positions (supervisors, managers, and administrators) in criminal justice agencies. Include specific examples of each leadership position’s roles and responsibilities in your answer. If you had to choose, which position would you like to ultimately hold? Explain your rationale.
3.  Explain the criminal justice model. Outline the model by identifying factors that may influence the various paths that an individual may take through the criminal justice system once an arrest is made. Why do you think the basic model, which was created in 1967, is still used today? Do you believe it can or should be improved upon? Explain your rationale.” 231
1600080298-1941 TESTING “Solve the following questions. Show your work.
Please type your assignment. No handwritten assignment accepted. Highlight your answers in light gray like this: This sentence is highlighted to show you highlighting.
1- Go to yahoo finance ( and search for the following two companies: Ford Motors Corporation and General Motors Company. The tickers are F and GM.
2- Find the Betas of each company and answer the following questions:
1- What is the beta for Ford Motors Corporation? Briefly interpret what the number means. What is the unit of it? Percentage? Dollar? For instance, if you find it to be 0.8, is it 0.8%, 80%, $0.8, or something else? What do we compare it to, to determine the riskiness of Ford Motors Company’s stocks?
2- What is the beta for General Motors Company? Briefly interpret what the number means.
3- Which company has higher
a. Systematic risk?
b. Total risk?
c.  Unsystematic risk?” 229
IT framework selection
When to modify existing policies that belong to other organizations versus creating your own policies from scratch
Policy flexibility
Discuss in detail at least three of the five QA activities mentioned above. What does each activity involve?
Discuss how a systems analyst professional could stay current in industry standards for quality assurance and methods of managing systems implementation.” 231
Susan Candidate: Interviewing her was incredible. You ask how she would handle angry customers, and she delivers a well-crafted answer. At times, though, in the interview, you feel she is rehearsed and you notice on her resume that she hasn’t held a job with one organization for very long before going on to the next.
Kate Applicant: On paper, she looks great. She has stability, and she has received awards at her current employer doing a similar job. However, throughout the interview process, she has stumbled and struggled to answer questions fully. Your follow-up questions with her do not seem to help; instead, they seem to make her more nervous than she already is.
So, whom do you choose?
Write an e-mail summary to your boss. The e-mail should include the name of your candidate and the reason you chose her.
120-170 words” 230
1600083160-6166 Revitalizing a brand “Read the case study titled “Revitalizing a Brand”, located in the online course shell. Use the Internet or Strayer databases to research the branding and communication strategies of one (1) health services organization that is similar to the health services organizations mentioned in the case study.
Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:
Describe the current marketing communication, identity, and brand position of Plaza Home Health Services.
Conduct a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis associated with the current marketing communication, identity, and brand position of Plaza Home Health Services. I provided a SWOT example in the discussion area.
Assess the importance of benchmarking in Plaza Home Health Services’ development and implementation of an effective brand strategy (marketing communication, identity, and brand position).
Compare branding and communication strategies of a similar health services organization with that of Plaza Home Health Services. Determine whether or not Plaza Home Health Services should apply additional best practices into its current branding and communication strategies. Provide a rationale and support for your response. Discuss branding using Calder and Reagan.
Use at least five (5) quality academic resources. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

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