Communication and collaboration with diverse Culture

Research a destination for which you would like to have a long and extended stay. In doing so, be sure to get a good sense of what everyday life is like there and learn as much about the culture as you can. Now, imagine you actually went there and had that long and extended stay.
Part I
What kinds of things would you have to adapt to? How are you going to fit into everyday life there? What are going to be your biggest day-to-day mental, social, economic, and physical challenges?
Imagine that you successfully did adapt. What new things would now be a part of the “new” you?
Part II
It’s now time to return home. What kinds of transition issues would you face? Be specific to the place you visited and the place you are returning to. What kinds of things should you do to make that transition smoother?
Imagine that you experienced reverse culture shock upon your return. What was that like for you? (Of course, this will be a bit fictional). Give specific examples in relation to the place “you visited” and the place you returned to. What steps did you take to mitigate the shock?

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