Class 2 Unit 1 Comment 1

“Philosophy is the critical inquiry and examination of meaning and the method one undertakes when beliefs are examined, ideas are proposed, and assumptions are challenged” (Butts & Rich, 2018, p.10). All nurses have different philosophies and points of view. These vary depending on many things, such as how we were raised and our beliefs. For instance, I was raised in an under developed country where medicine is scarce. This led me to be more attentive to patient’s needs, specifically when I’m giving them their prescribed medications. Since I was young I’ve seen my parents work hard and being responsible. As a result my nursing philosophy is to work hard, always put my patients first and offer them advice on how to care from themselves after they leave our care. Another one of my philosophies is to be an advocate for my patients when they can’t communicate their needs.
In conclusion, we use philosophy in everything we do on a daily basis in our profession as an advance practice nurse. “Nurses embody philosophy in their actions when they enact their knowledge, ethics, and whole being in the care of others” (Bruce, Rietze, &Lim, 2014,p.70). Like when we offer emotional support to patients and family members, to help them get through whatever adversity they are going through.
Bruce, A., Rietze, L., & Lim, A. (2014). Understanding Philosophy in a Nurse’s World: What, Where and Why. Nursing and Health, 69-70.
Butts, J.B., & Rich, K.L. (2018). Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice (3nd ed.). Page 10. Burlington, MA: Jones & Barlett Learning.

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