Children are more likely to suffer from environmental health problems more than adults

Children are more likely to suffer from environmental health problems more than adults. This can be due to the fact that their organs and tissues are rapidly developing makes them particularly susceptible to chemicals. According to research in children’s health looks at the effects of air pollution on respiratory diseases such as allergies and asthma, the impact of lead, mercury, and other environmental contaminants on cognitive development and behavior, and the influence of prenatal and early life exposures on growth and development (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2016). Environmental factors can also include stress, diet and sleep. This can have a lasting health effect especially in conception, later in pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood.
Childhood obesity is a huge factor in environmental problems. This can lead to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. This is often due to the fact that parents can’t afford healthier foods. Unfortunately unhealthy, processed foods are cheaper.
Some other indoor environmental factors that put a child health at risk are gases such as carbon monoxide that’s why parents should have a carbon monoxide detector in their house. Household products and cleaners should not be used around children; smoking should be done outside away from children, and also indoor allergens such as mouse droppings, make sure to set out mouse traps and dispose of them.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. (2016, December 13). Retrieved from Children’s Health:

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