Studying online requires self-motivation and time management skills because students no longer have a professor or someone who is physically there telling them to focus on deadlines. Online learning allows students to become more independent and self-disciplined it prepares them for the real world and having those qualities will distinguish them from others in a […]

Fire investigation

All fire investigators are required to possess the basic skills that are needed to determine the cause and origin of a fire. The textbook and Unit I Lesson discuss these skills. For this assignment, you will discuss fire investigation, the skills and knowledge required to conduct an official investigation, and the steps of the scientific […]

STEM/STEAM Instructional Tools Chart Plan

As STEM-focused education has been initiated in schools across the United States, some educators are now promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics). The Arts, in this case, can refer not only to creative arts, but also English language arts, liberal arts/social studies, and physical arts/physical education. The focus is on developing the […]

Fear of crime is the highest

Identify where the fear of crime is the highest and where it is the lowest in your survey. Explain to what do you attribute the variation (or lack of variation) in the fear of crime exhibited in your sample. Identify the questions you would word differently. Identify the questions you would add to or drop […]

Napoleon both continued and broke from the aims of his revolutionary predecessors.

Topic 1: Evaluate how Napoleon both continued and broke from the aims of his revolutionary predecessors. Topic 2: Define “sublime” as the romantics used the term. Google paintings by the British artists J. M. W. Turner and John Constable. Using these images, discuss how the paintings reflect the sublime sensibility central to the aesthetics of […]

Evacuate or Stay? North Shore LIJ and Hurricane Sandy

C​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​ase Summary: Those from the New Jersey/New York area will remember Hurricane Sandy which made landfall in October 2012 causing widespread devastation including flooding, power outages, storm surges and more. In the midst of that, local hospitals had to make an important decision: do they evacuate patients—an expensive, labor-heavy, and physically-demanding ask of patients, or […]

Firewalls access to control and how they enforce security policy

  1 List three design goals for a firewall. 2 List four techniques used by firewalls to control access and enforce a security policy. 3 What information is used by a typical packet filtering firewall? 4 What are some weaknesses of a packet filtering firewall? 5 What is the difference between a packet filtering firewall […]

Migration patterns

Discuss some ways that migration patterns have changed and are changing from the past to the present. 2. Find and post a link to an article discussing additional ways – not discussed in detail in your materials for this module – that environmental/natural resource factors impact migration? Summarize and explain. 3. How do push/pull factors […]

The American West

In the American West, both the scope and the scale of exploitation reached new levels. How did the aggressive quest to tame the frontier and extract its resources both reflect and enhance the power dynamic at play in the arena of national expansion? Give extra two paragraph, discuss how the West both touched off a […]

Sumatra Tsunami and the Japan Tsunami

1. Write a two-page essay that compares and contrasts the 2004 Sumatra and the 2011 Japan tsunamis. Use the information from videos.

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