Case Review: Administration Of The “Wrong Blood”

Must be in APA format.
Your final assignment is now due. Provide a summary that consists of at least 2-3 pages using APA format. Your summary must be detailed. Cite any cases that you discovered during your research that had a different or similar outcome with a date after the date of Bordelon v. St Francis Cabrini Hospital.
You should have reviewed the following case: Administration of the Wrong Blood
Prior to surgery the patient provided the hospital with her own blood to be administered if needed during surgery. You will learn the ethical and legal issues associated with this case by examining the US legal system, current policies, the court’s decision, and the impact on the healthcare industry.
Patient – plaintiff: Bordelon v. St Francis Cabrini Hospital
You are be expected to:
Provide an overview of what the case is about.
State the year and where the case took place
Describe the setting (social concerns of the time that relate to the case) at the time of the case
State the name of the court that deliberated over the case
State the year and where the case took place.
Describe the setting at the time of the case.
State the name of the court that deliberated over the case.
What are the ethical dilemmas?
If this case took place today, explain what you think the outcome would be and why.
Lastly, discuss why “Courage” is considered the greatest of all virtues.

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