Case Conceptualization   

Presenting Problem
Client stated she is going through emotional episodes recently especially at work. Client reported how she is feeling discriminated at work because she is a black woman. Client stated she understood she went through some problems during her adolescent age. Client stated she must be in the right mindset to work as an architect in her company. She cries while expressing her feelings. Problem during her childhood includes sexual abuse. Client is single, African origin, muslin 30yrs old, college degree, single, and live with a roommate. No chemical dependence but smoke weeds occasionally.
Client demonstrated the symptom of trauma, sleep problem, social skill, mood management, communication skills, and expression of feelings and needs
History of Presenting Problem: Recently and because of Black Life Matters. Depressed the way American people are treating black people like her.
Changes desired: Leave a good life and equal right
Comment on family circumstances: Not in good term with mother. Feeling that mother should defend her during childhood sexual abuse.
Have experienced in the past six months
· Decreased appetite
· Trouble concentrating
· Difficulty sleeping
· Low motivation
· Isolation from others
· Fatigue/low energy
· Low self-esteem
· Depressed mood
· Tearful or crying spells
· Anxiety
· Fear
· Hopelessness
Diagnosis:  F43.23 – Adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood
Look at your company… are you using any BI tools and how is it benefiting your organization?” 224
1600078979-175 550-700 words Essay “Please write a ~200 word post reflecting on the ‘open’ activities and explorations from this week.
Based on the instructor and pod feedback, demonstrate how you have made changes and additions to the blog post by expanding upon the original blog (up to 500 words – unlimited digital artifacts can be included but not included in 500 words)” 232
1600080607-2483 MID TERM EVALUATION BUSINESS PLAN “Please find attached the research articles about innovative hospitality business-related studies. Based on the article below, please do the following:
I) Find and read at least 2 and maximum 5 other literature sources on the topic of your article that would allow you to evaluate its credibility.
II) Write a report containing approximately the wordcount indicated below (you can write more, but not less than total 1000 – 1500 words,), with a grade weighted per section accordingly:
A) Research topic (5%, 50 words)
B) Comparison and contrasting of your research findings with current practices in hospitality business that you know from your own experience and/or other 2 literature sources you have read on your research article topic (25%, 250 words)
C) Assess the research credibility of your research article:
1. Describe the selected research strategy by giving its name and definition (10%, 100 words).
2. Discuss how efficient is this research strategy for answering the research question asked in the article? State if you believe the researchers found an answer to the question they wanted to address and not something different. (10%, 100 words)
3. Evaluate credibility of these research findings, using the 4 criteria of credibility and possibly referring to your 2 other literature sources or your own industry experience. Provide an overall conclusion, whether hospitality managers could use the findings of research described in your article to make decisions about business innovation (50%, 500 words).

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