Brochure For A Public Health Class

As an additional resource for your audience for the Community Public Health Presentation, prepare a brochure or handout that supplements the presentation by identifying resources currently available. Identify a minimum of ten resources for the issue addressed in your presentation.
Not-for-profit private agencies ranging from small storefront operations to international institutes provide assistance to those in need of health interventions and those who are providing such interventions. Your handout will be most useful if it covers a broad range of resources—community agencies are obviously important, but national and international agencies also offer myriad resources.
Make sure your brochure or handout identifies local and general resources targeted to a specific public health need for public health providers and local and general resources targeted to a specific public health need for public health consumers. In addition, be sure to identify deficits specific to the health issue in existing resources for public health providers and consumers, and links these deficits to psychological, social, and behavioral issues associated with the health issue. Illustrate how the deficits exacerbate or are exacerbated by the psychological, social, or behavioral elements.
Your brochure should be compiled and organized in a usable and engaging format.
topic: mental health in Maine
*i’ve attached 5 agencies in Maine that would be perfect on the brochure- you need to find me the other 5..

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