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Complete each part of this assignment in your collaborative group using the following scenario:
Imagine your collaborative group has been asked to create an informative resource to educate a sector of the public on a particular agency that provides oversight for the health care industry. Whichever resource you choose to create, it should answer the following question:
What is the primary purpose of health care regulatory agencies?
Select a specific agency that provides oversight for health care delivery.
Create one of the following products as an informational resource to educate a sector of the agency you selected:
Include the following in your resource:
Identify whether the agency is local, state, or federal.
Identify a particular health care regulation that is either enforced by this agency or that the agency abides by.
Provide an example of a health care delivery structure.
Explain how they must comply with this regulatory agency and which regulation requires them to do so.
Examples of structures include any business or provider entity that operates within the industry, such as a manufacturer, provider, insurer, technology developer, supplier, etc.
Describe compliance with this regulation as it applies to information technology in health care.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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