Bilingual/dual language learners

Create a content area writing assignment for a group of ELLs or bilingual/dual language learners that you specify. Be sure to include specific details regarding the nature of the content, word count, and overall expectations.
Design a rubric for this assignment to include with your submission. Your rubric should contain a column for each of the following:
Less Than Satisfactory
Every element required within the assignment should be listed among the rows of your rubric. Provide a thorough yet succinct description of each for these elements for each level identified in the columns. Please Follow Instructions carefully. Here are the expectations of the assignment as a student this is an example on how they going to grade the assignment. Create a rubric to be used for a writing lesson within an ELL or bilingual/dual language educational setting. Students will be asked to make a substatiative post about what should be considered when making

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