Benchmark Assignment – Spiritual Needs Assessment And Reflection

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Examples of elements that could be but are not required in a spiritual assessment include the following questions directed to the patient or his/her family:
Who or what provides the patient with strength and hope?
Does the patient use prayer in their life?
How does the patient express their spirituality?
How would the patient describe their philosophy of life?
What type of spiritual/religious support does the patient desire?
What is the name of the patient’s clergy, ministers, chaplains, pastor, rabbi?
What does suffering mean to the patient?
What does dying mean to the patient?
What are the patient’s spiritual goals?
Is there a role of church/synagogue in the patient’s life?
How does your faith help the patient cope with illness?
How does the patient keep going day after day?
What helps the patient get through this health care experience?
How has illness affected the patient and his/her family?
Title Attached Documents Turnitin Report Final Submission
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