Assignment – Project Plan

Assignment – Project Plan
2500 words
To develop a clinical innovation implementation plan for the clinic innovation that was researched in the first assignment. Building on from the first assignment, students will provide a clinical innovation plan that reflects the issues and opportunities that emerge from the proposed innovation. The Clinical Innovation Plan will follow a format that is comprehensive and provides the reader with information relating to:
1) Rationale for the proposal (from first assignment)
2) The innovation that is to be implementedÂÂ
3) Risk, Barriers and Supports for the implementation.
4) Change management considerations that need to be integrated into the Clinical Innovation Plan
5) A communications Plan integrated into the Clinical Innovation Plan.
6) An evaluation framework and method to determine the degree of success of the innovation AND the plan.
The Plan is to follow a format that would be appropriate and expected as a business orientated document with relevant coordinate and subordinate divisions which are numbered. For example:
1. Section Heading
1.1. Subsection
1.2. Subsection
2. 2nd Section Heading
The document should be professionally presented as one means of persuading others that the plan should be followed.
Use APA6 referencing style.
Margins: 2.54 left, right, top and bottom
Font: times new roman
Font size: 12-point font only with no larger fonts used for headings
Line spacing: double line spacing should be used throughout the assignment and on the reference list. New paragraphs or sections are indicated by indenting of the first line of each new paragraph. New references are indicated by a hanging indent.
 Indenting: Each new paragraph should be indebted 5-7 spaces (or one-tab space)
Justification: No justification of text on right hand margin. Justify the left side of the text in the body of essay except for indents required for the first lines of each new paragraph.

Project is to develop a clinical innovation implementation plan for the clinic/ hospital for example: conveyor belt to transport specimens/ documents. This project need to come out with new idea

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