Two Separate assignment
1. “Diabetes Prevention”
Discuss diabetes prevention strategies within developing countries. What can be accomplished with limited funds?
In a one-page document save your assignment in Microsoft Word. Your assignment submission is limited to 250 words (+/- 10 words. References in the body of the paper and at the end of the paper must follow APA guidelines. NOTE: References are not to be included as part of your word count. Papers will be evaluated using the Holistic Rubric and the Course Assignment Rubric.
Diabetes Prevention Assignment Rubric
– Excellent The student clearly identifies the main point or conclusion of the argument. The main supporting arguments are identified clearly, accurately, and completely. The student’s evaluation of the supporting arguments is specific, clear, thorough, and cogent. The student’s overall evaluation of the argument is stated clearly and is strongly supported by the arguments provided
Well-articulated discussion of two or more strategies for diabetes prevention in developing countries. Reasonable suggestions to impact situation with limited funds given.
Grammar is correct. Word count and format guidelines are proper.
2. Disasters” Discussion- Follow the same Rubric.
In the particular community where you live/work, briefly describe the natural and man-made disasters risks that exist.
· Natural disasters may include proximity to flood zone, near river or ocean, or at risk for fire, drought, tornado, hurricane, earthquake or other natural disaster.
· Man-made disasters may include proximity to airport that could experience a major accident, bridges or other key structures or a possibility that terrorists may target a location.
Consider you are faced with one of the following three scenarios. Iidentify a community nursing role for one of the disasters you identify.
· Infectious disease outbreak
· Natural disaster that produced thousands of evacuees; hundreds of injured; dozens of deaths
· Driving down the highway and see a fully loaded bus burst into flames

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