Assignment 1

Assignment 1
Creating a Frequency Distribution from Collected Data To see the grading rubric, go to Course Home / Grading Rubrics
Unit outcomes:
● Identify and apply common types of variables and measurement scales.
● Create and examine a frequency distribution.
Course outcome:
Research the types of data and organization of data within the health industry.
Create a frequency table using the family pet data provided by your classmates in the Unit 1 introductions.
We are 26 students in a class.
15 have pets
Dogs 21
Cats 8
Most did not give the pets gender.
Use Microsoft Word to create the table. You will need to collect the data for this variable from each post. Identify the data type, and then decide on an appropriate number of classes and appropriate class width. Justify your reasoning in a brief paragraph.
Create separate frequency tables for the men and the women (for a total of three tables). Discuss any differences between the men and the women and how they compare to the entire class.
Assignment 2
Unit outcomes
Explain the history of environmentalism
Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of environmental health
Discuss public health concerns related to environmental issues.
Describe future public and environmental health concerns
Course Outcome
Explain the transport and fate of hazardous agents in the environment.
Write a 500–1000 word paper on the following: How has the history of environmentalism led us to where we are today?
Please include Public Health concerns as they relate to environmental issues.
References: The document should also include the references that you used (at least 2 other than your book).

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