Assignment 1: Discussion Assignment Current Research Is One Of The Ways We Can Grow Our Knowledge Base About Financial Issues In Health Care. Click Here To Access The Following Article: Gaudine, A.P., & Beaton, M.R.(2002). Employed To Go Against One’s V

Assignment 1: Discussion Assignment
Current research is one of the ways we can grow our knowledge base about financial issues in health care. Click here to access the following article:
Gaudine, A.P., & Beaton, M.R.(2002). Employed to go against one’s values: Nurse managers’ account of ethical conflict with their organizations. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 34(2),17-34.
Read the article and pay close attention to the development of themes as described by the authors
The authors identified four ethical conflicts for the nurse managers. Identify two of these and explain the data which helped the authors to justify the particular theme.
Develop an action plan for nurse managers to potentially overcome both of the identified ethical conflicts.
only needs to be a couple of paragraph it is for discussion board

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