Assigment D

The following activity for discussion is analyzing a current process and creating a workflow diagram of the process that promotes patient safety and clinical outcomes. Analyze a clinical, administrative, or educational process or task that should improve patient safety or clinical outcomes. Create a unique workflow diagram utilizing MS Word or one of the many free, online diagramming programs such as,,, and others. The flowchart diagram should show the steps in the process from the process starting point to process end point, the steps involved, and at least one decision point that takes place. Use standard symbols for the steps and decision points. Discuss what this process intends to accomplish, who is involved in and/or uses this process, and any bottlenecks or inefficiencies that hinder patient safety, quality of care, and clinical outcomes. Suggest how the use of health information technology (HIT) would eliminate one selected bottleneck or inefficiency and would lead to improvement of this process. Support viewpoint with reference. Using Word, copy and paste the workflow diagram and responses into a single document and upload the file as an attachment in the Discussion Board.
2 pages APA format

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