As A Coder It Is Essential To Locate Codes Quickly And Efficiently. However There Are Different Ways To Locate Them And You Should Determine Which Way Is Best For You. For This Assignment, You Will Participate In A Discussion About The Usefulness Of The

As a coder it is essential to locate codes quickly and efficiently. However there are different ways to locate them and you should determine which way is best for you.
For this assignment, you will participate in a discussion about the usefulness of the tables in the ICD-10-CM. When responding to the discussion questions, be sure to reference course materials to support your conclusions and opinions. You should also do the same whenever you respond to another person’s discussion post. By doing so, you not only make a stronger case, but support your own learning.
In a post to the discussion, respond to the following:
The tables are not mandated for use by coders; they are meant to be tools to assist coders in locating codes. Therefore, it is a matter of personal preference whether you decide to locate a code via the regular Alphabetical Index and Tabular List, or by using the Alphabetical Index tables. After you have thoroughly acquainted yourself with each method, identify which method you are more comfortable with. Why is the method you chose more comfortable for you?
Be sure to include a brief description of the contents of the tables, and give specific examples of codes you can find more easily. For example, do you find that it is easier to find drug-related codes in the corresponding area of the Index, or do you find it easier to find in the tables area? Why?

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