APCO / IASC 1P01 – Winter 2020

For this assignment, you are going to take the information that you researched for Assignment 1
and turn it into a website. You may need to research and find more information to meet the
requirements for this assignment. As in Assignment 1 – do not just copy and paste word-for word but rather, summarize the information in your own words. You must cite the sources of
ALL information that you gather from the document.
You will be marked on creativity and effort, as well as adherence to the requirements listed
Day Lab & Time City
Mon Lab 5 – 2000 – 1900 Argentina
Tues Lab 1 – 1500 – 1700 Australia
Wed Lab 2 – 1100 – 1300 Greece
Thur Lab 6 – 1400 –1600 Mexico
Fri Lab 4 – 1100 – 1300 Spain
Fri Lab 3 – 1300 – 1500 Sweden
The goal of this assignment is to learn about basic HTML. Have fun and be creative!
Your website will consist of the following pages:
1. Main Page – A couple of general paragraphs introducing the city, as well as links to all of
the other pages on your website
2. Five Topic Pages – Five organized pages which highlights that city
3. Quiz Page – Page with 5 trivia questions you have concerning your city
4. Answer Page – Answers to the quiz questions
5. Links Page – Bibliography page of where you found your information (text or images)
As a rough guideline, the average length of each topic page should be about a printed page
(single spaced) worth of text (without the tags).
On your links page, you must show where your received all of your information.
It does not need to be any style (such as APA), but just be able to link back to where the
information was found.
The website should be easy to navigate through (ie links between pages and main page).
Even though the web page will include all of these tags, each page should look like it belongs to
the same website.
As well, your website must include the following:
• Page Title
• Different size headings with different font sizes, colours and styles (ie bold, italic….)
• Background colour different than the default colour
• At least 3 different thumbnail images that when clicked opens up the full-sized images.
• Images must be in an images folder (separate from the html page that referenced it).
• At least 1 list (ordered or unordered)
• At least one table
• Proper spelling and grammar
You must prepare the html files using the text editor NotePad (PCs) or TextEdit (MACs) to be
accepted. Anything else, including code generation by other programs will not be accepted.
Please watch the video submission link for instructions on how to submit the assignment.
If using TextEdit on Mac – make sure to go to Preferences, Click the Open and Save Tab, and
make sure that Display HTML as HTML code is selected.
As well – for Macs, make sure to uncheck the box for Smart Quotes
You will need to save your file as a .html file (as opposed to the default .txt file that is
associated with both Notepad and TextEdit).
When you double click the file in File Explorer (Windows) or a Finder Window (Mac), it will open
your default web browser, because of the file association with .html.
In order to edit the file again in your text editor, there are 2 ways to do it:
1. Open the application and open it through the File…Open menu
2. Right-click and select Open With… and choose the text editor.


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