Analysis of the philosophical issues in the story - My Coding Assignment

Write 1-page (single spaced) of your own direct analysis of the philosophical issues in the story. This part is a standard argumentative essay: argue for an interesting and controversial thesis concerning the most important philosophical ideas and arguments presented in the story. Do not spend any time summarizing the plot or in any other way retelling the story (there is no need since we have all read it); instead use your whole essay to present your own analysis of the philosophical issues in the story and arguing for an interesting conclusion concerning how the story explores these issues. Be sure to focus on philosophical issues only in your analysis.
(2) Write an outline for a story of your own that could explore these same philosophical issues (that you identified in part 1) even more effectively. This outline should be half a page. This part of the assignment involves thinking about how the philosophical issues you identified in your direct analysis in part 1 could be explored indirectly through another work of literature that you could write. You don’t need to write this story now, though you are welcome to draw from these ideas to write your final story at the end of the semester. For now just give us enough of an outline to clarify how you could write a story that would explore these same philosophical issues.

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