Topic 4 DQ 1

Re:Topic 4 DQ 1
There are different procedures in the healthcare industry. The above procedure is about to be introduced to the hospital by the doctors. However, before the passing of the procedure, the procedure must be investigated thoroughly. The procedure states that the nurses will not be allowed to diagnose or treat critical diseases. Critical diseases, in this case, are cancer, TB, Hepatitis, Surgeries and all other chronic diseases. According to the doctor, there should be boundaries between the functions of the doctors and nurses.
There are boundaries already, but the physician’s associations argue that the limits should be extended for the greater good. The physicians and the nurses differ when it comes to the level of education. Therefore, there should be boundaries when it comes to the functions of the both. The procedure is not aimed at creating a gap between nurses and the doctors, but it is designed to improve quality of services in the hospital (Amgren, 2012). There have been cases where nurses have performed the work of doctors, and the results were not satisfactory. To ensure that such situations are not experienced again, the procedure should be put in place.
Healthcare is a very sensitive sector, and the caregivers should be at their best in providing care for patients. However, caregivers need to be educated on different tasks to improve the quality of healthcare services. The procedure in place will have more advantages than disadvantages. It will help each and every caregiver to know their distinct roles in the hospital. However, it should be noted that the procedure is categorically clear on where the line on the functions of nurses and doctors should be drawn. The procedure has only touched on chronic illnesses. There are reasons why the procedure has only reached on chronic diseases, and the reasons should be respected.
How to determine if the procedure falls within the RN scope
There are different ways of ensuring that the procedure falls within the RN scope. The first method is common and obvious. RN is there for each and every person who is interested in gathering information from it to do so. Therefore, the first and simplest way of checking if the procedure is in line with the RN scope is by comparing it with other procedures that are in the RN. The procedure is not condoned by the RN in any way. Some procedures are almost similar to the new procedure.
In the RN, the nurses are given power to directly or indirectly intervene in providing care for the patients. The fact that the procedure has included the word indirect shows that the procedure will not cross the RN in any way (Barr, 2016). When a nurse is given indirect power to look into the health of a patient, it becomes obvious that the nurse must not be directly involved. By a nurse being indirectly involved, he or she might give information to the doctor concerning the patient. When a nurse is indirectly involved, he or she is of help to the patient. Other procedures in the RN are categorically clear on the functions of the doctors and the duties of nurses. Therefore, the new procedure will not create any tension or conflict.
How the procedure will be introduced to doctors and nurses
Before any procedure is implemented, it must go through different processes. The procedure must pass through the board of medical services at the state level. The board is supposed to go through the procedure and try to know if exactly the procedure is friendly to the doctors, nurses, and patients or not. The next step will be to take the procedure to the hospital’s board. The hospital board will ensure that the procedure is incorporated in the hospital’s policies. After including the procedure in the hospital’s policies the doctors and the nurses will be informed of the proceedings.
Barr, D. (2016). Introduction to U.S. Health Policy. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press.
Almgren, G. (2012). Health Care Politics, Policy, and Services. Boston: Springer Publishing Company.

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